Mountain Elgon National Park

This Park covers a total land area of 1145 square kilometers bisected by Uganda-Kenya border. Uganda’s part of the Park was gazzeted in 1992 and that of Kenya in 1968. It is home to Mountain Elgon.

Its highest peak Wagagai at 4321 meters is found on the Uganda side. Other outstanding peaks for this mountain include Jackson’s summit at 4156m, Mubiyi at 4210m and Kiongo at 4303m.

These stunning slopes are a remarkable watershed for a diverse range of rivers including River Sipi which forms the globally renowned plunging Sipi falls.

This region supports a grand array of altitudinal vegetation zones. Varying from lush montane forests to open moorland. The park is known for the towering slopes, but it is also a good habitat to different Wildlife species.

Its vegetation cover along the slopes is home to different Wild animals like Elephants, Buffaloes, tinny antelopes, duikers, spotted hyenas, Oribi, Squirels and few primates species like Blue monkeys, Black and White Colobus and more.

Over 299 bird species enjoy the good habitats of this Park, 12 species such as Moorland Francolin, Alpine chat, Moustached green tinker bird, Red throated wryneck, and black collared apalis are endemic to the park.

Other species found on either sides of Uganda and Kenya include common whitethroat cape robin chat, blackcap, Mountain yellow warbler, spotted morning thrush, African reed warbler to name but a few.

Other attractions in the Park include old cave paintings, hidden caves, hot springs inside the crater, and caldera.

How to get there

Mountain Elgon National Park in the Eastern part of Uganda is easily accessed by road transport means. The usual route from Kampala pass through Jinja to Mbale town at the western base of Mountain Elgon. On your way to Kapchorwa, murram roads lead off this road to various trailheads.

Activities to do in the Park

Mountain Biking

Lovers of mountain biking rate Mountain Elgon National Park and nearby Sipi falls as one of the best places to enjoy the adventure while in Uganda.

Blazing down the trails on Africa’s fourth tallest mountain offers spectacular views of picturesque landscapes, rolling hills and more. The best time for this adventure is during the dry season of the year.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing, an exciting adventure is done both within Mountain Elgon National Park and out of this protected area.

It’s usually guided and supervised by the operators. Adventure enthusiasts are taken by endless eye catching views offered.

Since it involves galloping up with ropes, physical fitness is a major requirement for any participant. Do not also forget to come with some gears like climbing boots, helmets, gloves, rain jackets and more.

Hiking & Climbing Mount Elgon

This is one of the main activities done in the Park. Several trailheads are available for seekers of hiking adventures including Sasa, Piswa and Sipi trail.

Porters and guides are available to provide help and lead trekkers up to the peak. Trekking days range from 4 to 7 days or more.


The Park has numerous trails that lead to different hotspots where you can see various bird species. One of the best birding trials is Sipi Falls Trail.

Different species spotted include Dusky-turtle dove, African hill babbler, Alpine chat, black-throated wattle eye, mountain yellow warbler, thick billed honey guide, grey cuckoo shrike to mention but a few.