Mahogany Springs Lodge

Another appealing facility in Bwindi is Mahogany Springs. This lodge spoils guests with breathtaking views, world-class cuisine, and unmatched hospitality services. Historically, it was named after the 400-year-old mahogany tree that towers above its gardens.

This lodge has seven large thatched cottages that blend with the surroundings. They overlook the clear waters of the Munyanga River.

Mahogany Springs’ suites are spacious with large double doors, open terracotta showers, hardwood floors, crisp white linens, sun-soaked windows, mosquito net systems, and private terraces with spectacular views of the nearby valley and forest cover. In the evening, you can enjoy glasses of wine at its wooden bar or relax in front of the double-sided fireplace.

Mahogany Springs Veranda

Mahogany Bedroom

Mahogany Reception

Mahogany Dining