Golden Monkey Tracking

This appealing activity takes place in Mgahinga National Park of Uganda and Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda. Like Gorilla Trekking, this adventure also starts with a briefing in the morning to highlight trackers on what to and what not to do in the Jungle.

The briefing starts at around 7:30am. After, the journey starts in a group. There is no limit on the number of people to track the Golden monkeys. It depends on the number of travelers available for the adventure.

These primates are small in size, so it’s difficult to locate where they spent the last night. Trackers trace for them by use of fresh leftovers of bamboo shoot. There are mostly found in the mountainous bamboo forested areas. Tracking usually depends on the weather conditions and the movements by these primates in the Jungle.

These primates are so jumpy. Those interested in photos are advised to set their cameras on fast shutter shot speed and move slowly while in the jungle.

After identifying them, you are allowed to follow. See them as they feed, take photos, videos for one hour. Later vacate the place such that these primates continue with their day to day activities. A trek through the jungle exposes you to plenty of other things like insects, reptiles, wild animals, escarpments, and breathtaking views of towering volcanoes.

The permit for Golden monkey tracking in Uganda costs 60 USD and 100 USD for the habituation experience. In Rwanda, the permit costs 100 USD per person.