Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale National Park is the primate capital of Uganda. It’s geographically located in the Western part of Uganda. It covers a total area of 560 square kilometers and was declared a National Park in 1993.

The biggest part of it is occupied by moist evergreen and semi deciduous forests, then other parts are taken by Savannah grasslands and swamps.

Forests in the Central part of the Park around Kanyanchu consists of a blend of evergreen trees and deciduous. Vegetation rise up to 55m establishing a semi closed canopy of massive tree crowns.

More than 13 varied species breathe life in this 560 square kilometer area like Blue monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, Grey cheeked Mangabey, Chimpanzees, together with Black and White Colobus monkey species.

The population of chimpanzees in Kibale is approximated to over 1000 individuals and part is habituated for tourism in Kanyanchu.

Besides Primates, the park is also home to over 325 species of birds including water birds and forest bird species. Some of these species include Orange tufted sunbird, Green breasted pitta, White bellied crested flycatchers and Woodland warbler.

How to get there

Direct from Kampala it is 358 km taking about 5-7hours for the drive depending on speed used and stopovers included. Kampala – Mityana – Mubende – Fort portal is the usual route used. From Fort portal town, take the road to Kamwenge which starts near the bridge over Mpanga River.

This murram road runs for 36 km up to Kanyanchu tourism Centre where most of activities start from. You can as well connect from Mbarara via Kamwenge road to the suburbs of the Park.

Activities done in the Park

Chimpanzee Tracking

This is the main reason for most trips to this park. Chimpanzee tracking generally allows you meet these primates in the Jungles. See them feeding, playing, swinging up in the tree branches, mating and you are free to take a lot of photos and videos.

It’s done in a group. For Kibale, these excursions are offered in different sessions including morning, afternoon and evening.

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience.

This is almost similar with Chimpanzee tracking but what differs is the time spent with the primates in the Jungles. For tracking the maximum time is one hour and then for habituation experience you can be with them for four hours or even full day.

Bigodi Walk

Bigodi Walk, a 4.5km long walk takes you through the corridors and swampy wetlands via boardwalks that are just above the waters. A mixture of multiple primate and bird sights, lush vegetation and serene atmosphere overwhelms a lot.

This walk takes three hours, you can do a morning walk which starts from 7:30 Am up to 9:00 Am or choose for the evening walk which starts at 3:00 PM.